Get to Know the Pilates PRO Chair™ Program



Most of you are going to be brand-new to the Pilates PRO Chair™ program and the Chair itself. The Pilates PRO Chair™ is a derivative of Joseph Pilates’ (creator of Pilates) Wunda Chair. Joseph Pilates created his Wunda (German for “wonder”) Chair as a sturdy, compact unit to be used in small spaces. (Specifically, he was thinking of New York City apartments, as that is where he lived!) What I’ve done is build upon Joseph’s original concept to make the Pilates PRO Chair™ a modern, sleek, portable, professional piece of equipment for the at-home user. This process took many years and multiple prototypes to perfect and I am so glad to be able to share my creation with you now.


That being said, using the Pilates PRO Chair™ is not like picking up a dumbbell and innately understanding how to do a biceps curl. The Chair is a serious piece of equipment that takes some time to get comfortable on. What I’ve done is create a week-long program that will acquaint you with the Chair and how to use it. By familiarizing yourself with the movements and how the Chair works, you are setting yourself up for ultimate body transformation success. I’ve also incorporated a couple days of walking for some extra cardio.

David Krieff,

    President & CEO

    Life’s A Beach, Inc.


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