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Presenting a revolutionary addition to the Pilates PRO Chair™ workout! Creator David Krieff introduces the brand-new Pilates PRO Sculpting Handles, which, by providing support and balance to her signature Pilates moves, work your chest, shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, and core like you’ve never experienced. The unique design of this amazing sculpting tool not only targets those hard-to-reach trouble spots, but also challenges your cardiovascular system and improves your posture in the process, putting you on the path to the body of your dreams!


Running time: approx. 48 minutes



Core, buns & Thighs makeover workout



Are you ready to take your workout, and your physique to a whole new level? The Pilates PRO Chair™ Sculpting Handles help you get the most out of creator David Krieff’s super-sculpting signature moves by taking your workout vertical. Done standing for a deeper balance challenge, this series of Pilates exercises elevates your heart rate to torch fat and calories, while delivering maximum toning to the thighs, buns, and core. You’ll finish up this demanding routine with David’s hand-picked abdominal moves that whittle your waistline in no time!


Running time: approx. 37 minutes






Are you ready for the body of your dreams? The Total Dream Body Workout is your ticket to getting the body you’ve always wanted.


This fat blasting, calorie torching, circuit style workout done on the Pilates PRO Chair™ by Life’s A Beach, Inc.™ combines total-body sculpting moves with challenging “cardio blasts,” incinerating unwanted pounds and inches in no time flat! The Total Dream Body Workout will chisel your abs, hips, thighs, butt, arms, and shoulders, and deliver the bikini-ready body of your dreams!


Running time: approx. 57 minutes

Workout led by fitness instructor & celebrity trainer Jennifer Galardi.





Join Life’s A Beach, Inc.™ Pilates PRO Chair™ instructor Jennifer Galardi  as she takes you through an informative and thorough tour of your Life’s A Beach, Inc.™ Pilates PRO Chair™ and the concepts of body mechanics and functional movement. Follow along with a step-by-step demonstration on just how to perform the exercises in the Life’s A Beach, Inc.™ Pilates Pro Chair™ repertoire with Jennifer as your guide. Learn the functionality and application of the program so that you experience the best results from your workouts. Jennifer’s meticulous attention to detail will have you well on your way to the best shape of your life!


Running time: approx. 20 minutes


Workout led by fitness instructor & celebrity trainer Jennifer Galardi.


Sculpt & tone



This Classical Pilates style workout is designed to sculpt and tone your entire body while creating long, lean, and sexy muscles. This dynamic workout can be used as you incrementally grow with your Pilates PRO Chair™ programs and can also be perfect as a stand-alone workout for those light workout days. You will immediately feel the sculpting effects as Jennifer takes you through the basic repertoire of the Life’s A Beach, Inc.™, Pilates System. Fun, fast, and effective, this fat burning, calorie torching workout combines highly effective sculpting moves with light cardio built right into the program to shape your body in no time flat!


Running time: approx. 32 minutes


Workout led by fitness instructor & celebrity trainer Jennifer Galardi.


Workout led by fitness instructor & celebrity trainer Jennifer Galardi.





As a prominent TV personality and business woman, Susan Lucci has always maintained her amazing figure with a balanced lifestyle and her favorite fitness secret, the Life’s A Beach, Inc.™ Pilates PRO Chair™. As she says, it’s her “favorite seat in the house!”


Over the years, as a Pilates advocate, Susan has tried all of the moves on the chair — from simple to intense. Now, as a special bonus for Pilates customers, Susan has selected many of her favorite workout moves to share with you! This specially sequenced workout focuses on the exercises where Susan sees the biggest payoff —whether it is a high intensity far burning experience, deep stretches, or fine muscle toning — these moves will make you feel the burn! “Susan Lucci’s Favorite Moves” seamlessly blends fun and effective aerobic moves to make every customer a Pilates devotee.


Running time: approx. 28 minutes



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