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dream body basics



Here are my super successful tips for building a beautiful Pilates PRO Chair™ Body:


  • Keep your powerhouse engaged at all times: This means drawing in your belly, squeezing your buttocks, keeping your shoulders back and down, and elongating your spine. Initiate each move from your powerhouse.
  • Control the springs: This means maintaining constant tension on the springs to ensure proper muscle recruitment.
  • Create smooth transitions: Keep your movements flowing from one exercise to the next.
  • Breathe deep: Draw air in through your nose and expel it out through your mouth, drawing your abs in.

benefits of the Pilates PRO Chair™



  • Train without strain: Adjustable springs offer smooth, fluid resistance to users of all levels of fitness ability.
  • Works “the core” in balance: The Pilates PRO Chair™ allows you to focus on the areas of the body you want to work most —abs, waistline, hips, thighs, and butt. At the same time, you’ll chisel your shoulders and arms, and strengthen your entire back.
  • Provides cardio benefits: When performed in a quick, flowing motion, the Chair delivers a cardio workout, while strengthening your core.
  • Improves functional strength: The Chair workout trains your body to perform everyday activities with ease and agility.
  • Provides a full-body workout: To perform the movements properly, your entire body will be engaged during each exercise.

Pedals together

Pedals apart


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