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'Ringing' in The New Year

'Ringing' in The New Year

I can’t believe not only another year, but an entiredecade has passed! Can you look back on where you were ten years ago and all the moments and experiences in your life that brought you to read this very blog right now? Can you reflect with gratitude upon every decision you made to become the person you have today? Is it where you want to be another ten years from now? 

My teacher gave me a practice that I will be doing and as we enter the second week of the New Year, I’d like to share with you. I think it’s a very helpful and empowering practice to ensure that the next year – and the next ten years – are consciously shaped by our deepest desires. To make sure that we begin to shape our destiny and not let outside circumstances pull us along to somewhere we don’t want to be. 

  1. Create your resolution. This can be related to your health and fitness goals, work or career wishes or personal/relationship goals. 
  2. Write down all the highlights or successes you’ve had in the past ten years relating to this goal. For example, if it’s a weight loss goal, you can write down how it felt to be ten pounds lighter. My goals are related to career, so I will be examining all the times in my life I felt joy when doing a particular job and why I enjoy it so much.  
  3. This week, take ACTION as it relates to your goal. Again, if we’re talking about weight loss, maybe you take a walk or jog around the block or get on your Pilates Pro Chair for five minutes. It doesn’t have to be extensive. Anything that signifies your desire to move toward your goal in the next year and years to come. 

This is a simple but powerful way to tell the Universe that we are COMMITTED to change and the action it takes to realize our goals. 

I and the entire team atPilates Pro Chair are committed to helping support you with all your health and fitness goals in the coming year! Make sure you sign up for our Newsletter and join us on ourFacebook andInstagram communities to be in the know on new products coming out (hint hint: one of them is in the title of the blog!) and fresh workouts and tips to keep you consistent on your Pilates path. 

Check in with our blog for tips and recipes to keep you inspired and motivated. 

From the entire Pilates Pro Chair team here – our best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020 and beyond!  

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