The Pilates Chair Pro Chair Set Up


  • Pull the Foot Board Pin at the bottom of the chair to release the floor pad, and make sure that the floor pad is flat against the surface of the floor.
  • Remove the Pedal Locking Pin from the bracket on the crossbar at the back of the workout foot pedals, and release them so that they rest on the floor.
  • Place the pedal locking pin in the top holder of the bracket on the crossbar at the back of the foot pedals for safekeeping.
  • Gently place the foot pedal(s) on the floor.
  • Press the Leg Safety Lock button on the inside of the chair to successfully unlock the legs of the chair. 
  • While pressing the Leg Safety Lock button, begin to push down on the seat. Once unfolded make sure it is securely placed on the floor.
  • If the springs are not already in their resting position underneath the seat, follow the following instructions:
    • Attach the circular end of the spring to the hooks on the underside towards the back of the seat so that they hang freely.
    • Take the hooked end of each spring and connect them to the small hooks located at the underside of the front of the seat, this is the resting position for the spring when the chair is not in use. The springs are now fastened. (When the chair is in use, unhook them from the front of the seat, so that they hang from the back).
  • Lift foot pedal(s) toward the springs, and adjust resistance options accordingly by moving the hook end of the spring towards the corresponding hooks on the pedal(s).


  • Remove the resistance springs from hooks of the foot pedal(s), allowing the pedal(s) to rest on the floor, and the springs to hang at the back.
  • Take the hooked end of each spring and attach them to the small hooks located at the underside of the front of the seat, fastening them.
  • Locate the black button which resides underneath the seat, and push it inwards to remove the Leg Safety Lock. 
  • Once the Leg Safety Lock is pushed down and unlocked, push the front legs toward the back legs of the chair, essentially folding the chair together.
  • Pull the Foot Board Pin to unlock the floor pad, and fold it so that it is secured in an upright position. 


  • With the handles that are currently placed on the chair, locate the small button on the side of the handle.
  • Push the lock button inwards, then pull out evenly on the handle until it is completely removed.
  • After the small handles are removed, place the tower handles in their place. Make sure there is an audible click once it is placed in the proper location.
  • Place the small handles on the top of the sculpting handles, completing the Max handle attachment. Once again, listen for the click that will indicate that the handle tops are securely fastened.


  • Locate the foot pedal at the front of the chair, and find the toggle button on the end of one of the ends.
  • Turn the toggle button counterclockwise and release it.
  • The pedal is now separated into two.


  • Align the separate pedals together and push the toggle button inwards.
  • Turn the button clockwise and release, once more connecting the pedals so that there is one pedal.