Pilates Pro Ring

INCLUDES: Pilates Pro Ring, instructional poster. The ring measures 15" x 15" x 2.5" and weighs 1.2 lbs.

PILATES COMBINATION: In combination with our Pilates Pro Chair, the Pilates Pro Ring provides you with a full-body workout that targets your arms, legs, and abs so there's no need for free weights or machines! The Pilates Pro Ring includes an instructional wall chart with exercises that focus on different muscle groups, helping you sculpt your way to a perfect Pilates body.

TARGET AND TONE: The ring provides a variety of workouts for all fitness levels. The resistance from the ring will help tone areas such as your upper arms, abs, inner and outer thighs. Whether it's the Hamstring press or Bicep Squeeze, the Pro Ring gives you full combination Pilates workouts.

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