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Meet the Pilates Pro Program

Portable and effective, giving you the freedom to workout anytime and anywhere. It’s perfect for all levels of fitness ability. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or an expert at that, the chair is designed to deliver a full body workout without any strain.

Get in shape at home

The easy-to-use Pilates Pro Chair system has your at-home fitness routine in mind. Get your workout in anytime, anywhere, without needing to feel pressured or uncomfortable at pricey pilates studios or gyms again!

Online Workout videos

Stream workout videos on-demand on your devices for a convenient at-home workout experience.

Meet The Inventor

"My invention was inspired by the creator of Pilates, Joseph Pilates. Joseph had created the Wunda chair which was a piece of equipment designed for compact living spaces.

The idea stumbled upon Joseph while he was living in New York. The idea for the Wunda Chair came after he realized that he did not want the size of someone’s home to hold back their fitness goals.

Influenced by his vision I decided to build upon his design. After many prototypes and ideas throughout the years, I am excited to finally share my finished product."

David Krieff
President & CEO
Life's A Beach, Inc

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