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Pilates Pro Chair Set-Up

Setting up and storing your Pilates Pro Chair Max with sculpting handles is easy and convenient. Watch the video guide from QVC for an easy step by step visual or review the manual and steps listed below.

You can also download the set-up user manual here.

Opening Your Pilates Pro Chair

Unlock the chair legs by pressing the black Leg Safety Lock button.

While pressing the Leg Safety Lock button, push down on the seat to unfold it.

Release the floor pad by removing the Foot Board Pin.

Release the foot pedals by removing the Pedal locking Pin.

Secure the pedal locking pin for safe keeping

Attach the springs from their resting position underneath the seat.

Adjust resistance to desired levels by moving the springs to different levels.

Closing Your Pilates Pro Chair

Return the Springs to their resting position, by first detaching the G or J hooked ends first. Then remove the circle end of the springs

Remove the leg Safety lock by pressing the Leg Safety Lock knob located on the underside of the seat.

With the Leg Safety Lock in the unlocked position fold the chair by pushing on the front legs.

Return the floor pad to its upright position and reinsert to Foot Board Pin.

How to attach the sculpting handles

How to connect and disconnect foot pedals


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