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Low Carb Granola Recipe

Low Carb Granola Recipe

With so many nutrition fads and plans floating around the Internet it’s challenging to know which one is right for you or to stick to one for any significant length of time. That’s because diets like Keto, no-carb, Paleo, and others can feel restrictive. Many of us have probably tried the various diet trends looking for ways to lose weight.  In this day and age, so many women fall prey to the trap that we have to look a certain way to be happy. We know from experience that chasing a goal weight for the sake of the number is a losing game. 

With years of research on all these different ways of eating (vegan, vegetarian, no carb, no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, Keto, Paleo, intermittent fasting, etc.), we have been taught so much about what our bodies truly need and how best to support our bodies with energy through food. We have a few recipes that are go-to snacks/meals for us, one of these being Gluten free/Paleo Granola! To make the recipe paleo, simply remove the oats. We also recommend using organic ingredients when possible. 

Gluten Free / Paleo Granola

½ cup oats (optional)

½ cup ground flaxseed

1 cup raw cashew pieces 

1 cup pecans

½ cup hemp seeds

1 cup raw pumpkin seeds

½ cup raw sunflower seeds

2 cups unsweetened coconut flakes

2 tsp salt 

2 tbsp cinnamon

¼ - ½ cup maple syrup (this will depend on how sweet you like it)

½ cup coconut oil

Preheat oven to 250*.

Place pecans in a plastic bag (and any larger size nuts and coconut flakes) and pound with a back of a wooden spoon to make smaller pieces. In a large mixing bowl mix together all dry ingredients and stir well. 

In a small ramekin or pot, melt together the maple syrup and coconut oil over low heat (or you can microwave). 

Stir in oil and syrup mixture and toss well until all ingredients are evenly coated.

Spread mixture on a baking sheet and put in oven for about 10 minutes. Remove from oven and turn mixture with a spoon. Place back in oven for another 10-15 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Store in Tupperware or glass ball jars for up to two weeks.

This is also a great topping for yogurt, over ice cream, as a snack or with milk! Experiment by adding some goji berries after cooking and for an indulgent treat, spread some dark chocolate on top when it first comes out of the oven and allow to cool. Kids will love it too! ☺

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