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Stay Refreshed with Fruit Infused Water

Stay Refreshed with Fruit Infused Water

Hydration is the key to a healthier lifestyle. Drinking your recommended 8 cups of water a day may seem like a lot, but a properly hydrated body will allow your body to function at its best. There are so many health benefits from drinking water, but even more with fruit infused water.

Such a small and easy change to your hydrating routine can make a huge difference. Infused water improves skin quality, aids digestion, is a great source of vitamin C, and so much more. It’s hard to say anything bad about adding some fruit to your water.

If you are reading this and are one of the people that don’t drink a lot of water, simply because they don’t like the taste. Fruit infused is your solution. It adds some natural flavor without the artificial coloring and ingredients.

How to Make Infused Water:

It’s so easy that you will wish you started soon. Here are some tips to make the process just a bit painless.

  • Use a Good Pitcher:

    • A high quality glass pitcher really does improve the flavor and makes it easier to serve. If you don’t have a pitcher, don’t fret, a cheaper option is a mason jar that you probably already have laying around your house.

  • Use High-Quality Fruit and Herbs

    • The better the quality the better the flavor. Try to use fruits that are in season, to guarantee a fresh and ripe taste. We recommend using organic fruit to avoid any unintended pesticides or chemicals, but if you do happen to use conventional produce, be sure to peel off the rind or skin before infusing.

  • Give It Time:

    • For the best flavor, let your fruit infuse for at least four hours or overnight in the refrigerator to get the most flavor.

Here are some of our favorite fruit infused combos, they are sure to improve your hydration game just in time to stay refreshed all summer long:

*You can add more or less of any fruit. All the recipes should be stored in the refrigerator and use filtered water. These recipes are just suggestions so feel free to experiment and enjoy*

  1. Lemon, Lime, and Mint

  • It’s almost like a mojito, who wouldn’t want that. In a jug combine you still or sparkling water along with one sliced lemon and lime top it off with some mint leaves for a fresh and crisp taste.

    • Raspberry and Lemon

    • Another take on option number 1, but substitute the cool mint taste with a hint of sweetness from the raspberries. Slice one whole lemon and about 10 raspberries to get the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

      • Watermelon Basil

      • Add about 2 cups of finely chopped fresh watermelon into a glass jug. Make sure to do this without the rind. Add 15 leaves of muddled basil then fill the jug with water to top it off.

        • Grapefruit, Raspberry, Strawberry

        • Add one thinly sliced grapefruit (with the rind on) to your glass jug. Then add ½ a cup of muddled fresh raspberries and strawberries. Add water and mix well.

          • Cucumber Mint

          • Peel and thinly slice one cucumber. Add the sliced cucumber to ½ a gallon glass jar, add 8 muddled fresh mint leaves, and fill with water.

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